Let us tell your story!

Dragoman's transcreators will re-tell your story with subtitles that will read like original.

Minutes per Week
Languages Covered
Daily Video Output
Trained Team Members

Meet our team

Dragoman has a dedicated team for video subtitling. We have 2000+ minutes of weekly capacity up to Netflix standards. Our team is trained and certified in subtitling, dubbing, time coding, transcribing, embedding and preparing media for desired media outlets. Our expertise in copy-editing and transcreation combined with cutting edge media technologies ensures superior performance compared to most of our peers.

Enjoy our secure cloud

Hiring us for video localization gives you visibility and confidentiality in every step of our work, thanks to our robust cloud based architecture. Our subtitlers and translators are not allowed to download your work – they merely see a water-marked low-resolution copy of your original assets, while your team can view our job in progress on the video, make comments or corrections before giving a final approval.

Sample Videos

Dragoman provides video subtitling services to major broadcasters, corporate communication departments and media & PR agencies. Our most common language combinations for video localization are English, Spanish, German or French into Turkish and from Turkish into English, Arabic and Russian. We can expand into other languages with our core team or by partnering with trusted service providers.