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Looking for an agile localization provider? You’ve come to the right place. Our secure cloud infrastructure can process your strings, localize them at every sprint and we will only charge you for new or revised content. You will save on time, management and previously translated words.

You can add new files or update existing ones as we keep localizing your content. Choose us to monitor your translations real-time, add/update terminology, chat with the localization team and give instant feedback on quality and preferences.

Our secure infrastructure is accessible on all PCs and MACs, iOS and Android devices. Why not try our APP to localize your APPs?

Recommended service level: Standard translation. What is Dragoman Standard? Please see our FAQ page.

Corporate Communication


You need more than a translator, someone who understands your business needs and goals. Someone who will not miss a word but also jut not translate It word for word. You need native speakers and qualified copy-editors, subject matter experts, linguists with business background and proof readers with flawless terminology grasp. Dragoman can give you all and even more.

We have over a decade of experience in corporate communication, serving to 500+ brands. Our know-how will be at your service to better reflect your corporate image in multiple languages.

Contact us to translate annual reports, financial statements, press releases and social media updates.

Recommended service level: Gold translation. What is Dragoman Gold? Please see our FAQ page.

Localize Website


Hundreds of millions of web pages are served on the internet every day and English covers less than half of it. If you want to out-market your competition, you need to deliver your sales messages faster, better and in more languages than you are doing now. Dragoman can help you localize your website in to 80+ languages. Our team of transcreators assure that your message makes perfect sense, creates desired impact and amazes your customers in all the ways you want them to be.

We have plugins for major platforms like Drupal, we have proxy translation solutions for all HTML websites and we give you a cloud based network where you can monitor your web content’s localization on a real-time basis. We do it the smart way, just as you like it!

Recommended service level: Gold translation. What is Dragoman Gold? Please see our FAQ page.

Patient reports


Tired of typing in the very same translations? Frustrated to correct terrible errors in medical jargon on a daily basis? You must try Dragoman’s medical report services. Our database boasts millions of sample phrases, sentences and terms in medical reports. We service to major hospitals in Turkey and we would like to be your number one choice in patient reports.

Use our secure content management system, save on repeat words & phrases, get your translations faster and with zero terminology errors.

You may also opt for automated workflows; upload your content, approve the instant quote and start the process. While our API takes care of the rest, you will be in full control of the process via our secure web platform or free mobile app.

Recommended service level: Plus translation. What is Dragoman Plus? Please see our FAQ page.

Multilingual projects


If you are only translating into English, your marketing efforts are wasted for 80% of the world population. Researches suggest that people feel more comfortable to buy when they read information in their native language. Do you really want to become a global brand and easily sell your products and services? Contact Dragoman today and let us guide you in building multilingual content, design, images, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management.

Turkey boasts highly qualified linguists in 50+ languages. This is mainly because our country is conveniently located between the West and the East and also because we receive massive flocks of immigrants. Our Human Resources hand-picks the best talents locally so that we can offer you languages of the world within an affordable budget and by a manageable team. We also hire copy editors and subject matter experts in many regions to enhance the natural taste and flow of translations.

Recommended service level: Plus or Gold translation. What is Dragoman Plus/Gold? Please see our FAQ page.

Creative content


In the good old days, one third of the translator community could transcreate, but now they can’t. One may out the blame on social media, pop culture, bad education or inadequate reading routine. Dragoman strives very hard to locate and train talented individuals for transcreation. We are serving to 500+ brands and it is no coincidence.

Our transcreation team can help your curate your creative content in multiple languages. We can adjust the tone according to your target audience, enrich the vocabulary of your messages and keep the translations nice and punchy, or smooth and clear; just the way you like it.

Recommended service level: Gold transcreation. What is Dragoman Gold transcreation? Please see our FAQ page.

Machine Translation


Machine translation is not an automated process and will not deliver business grade translation. However, it is very practical for large volume content if you only need a convenient translation. We can give you readable and understandable “edited” machine translation up to 10 times faster compared to regular human translation. News, articles, user comments and blogs are best suited for this type of service.

Machine translation may also help you optimize your translation budget and schedule for technical manuals.

Our infrastructure supports statistical, adaptive and neural engines. We can also assist you in customizing your own engine.

Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare your company to machine translation processes.

Recommended service level: MT + post editing. What is Dragoman MT + post editing? Please see our FAQ page.

Video subtitling


Dragoman provides video subtitling services to major broadcasters, corporate communication departments and media & PR agencies.

Our main platform is Zoo Digital, a leading global subtitling & dubbing services platform. We are also open to working on other tools if requested.

Our team is trained and certified in subtitling, dubbing, time coding, transcribing, embedding and preparing media for desired media outlets.

Our expertise in copy-editing and transcreation combined with cutting edge media technologies ensures superior performance compared to most of our peers.

Contact us for a free trial now!

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