Australian Accent

Voiced by Amazon Polly

A very warm welcome from downunder. This is Russel, an Ozzy voice from Amazon Polly. Dragoman requested me to help you fellows to study English. Come try my beautiful Australian accent. I am sure you will all download this recording and listen it over and over again, for better results, because my accent is better than any British!

Hotel, hot, home, homecoming, house, housekeeping, yacht, menu, dinner, breakfast, restaurant, café, coffee, tea,

Omelette, latte, eggs, poached, fry, fried, fries, soup, soap, fish, fishery, fishing, dish, dishwasher

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Prada, Gucci, Levi’s, Mui Mui, Benetton, Givenchy, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, The BBC

Career, carrier, carpenter, message, massage, garage, garbage, savage, barrage, baggage, luggage

Thank you! Good morning, how are you? Welldone! Allright! You’re welcome. Excuse me, pardon me, allow me.

Tank, thanks, tree, three, true, through, thorough, trust, thrust, thirst, thirty, dirty, tricky

Girl, gone, go, gini, gin & tonic, gipsy, gipsy girl, geology, geologist, geography, geographic, geographer

Wind, windy, winding, rewind, ground, grind, grinder, ward, forward, vouch, voucher,

Presentation, preset, present, prefer, preference, preferred, pre-order, princess, printemps

Describe, description, descriptive, aspire, aspiration, conspire, conspiracy

Narrate, narrator, narration, narrative, not, note, noted, knot, knock, mock, socks, sucks

Explain, explaining, explanation, explanatory, express, espresso

Ocean, occupy, occult, octopus, October, occur, occurrance, obscure, obstacle, obedient, obese

London, Scotland, Ireland, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti, James Brown, Sir Elton John.