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Interpreting is in our core DNA; we were born as an interpreting agency over a decade ago. We have proudly served in tens of thousands of international events in five continents, 50+ countries and 100+ cities. We have highest caliber conference interpreters and well-qualified oncall public interpreters for onsite and remote interpreting.

We are also partners with Interprefy, WeYi, Boost Lingo and ZidDX, leading providers of remote interpreting platforms. Please scroll down for more

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is our core competence, because we were founded in 2005 as an interpreting office. Written translation, business language school and technology divisions were all added in later years.

Dragoman manages up to 2000 interpreter requests every year. Turkish – English interpreting is always a good majority of our simultaneous interpreting portfolio, followed by Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, German and dozens of other languages.

We hand-pick our interpreters and only work with qualified and experienced colleagues committed to deliver the best performance at all conditions. Our team has a proven track-record in IPO roadshows, M&A transactions, board meetings, arbitration cases, marcom conferences, product launches, live shows, incentive organizations and corporate events.

Consecutive interpreting


A qualified a consecutive interpreter is most needed for bilateral meetings, business deals and small & short training sessions. Consecutive interpreting also plays a tremendous role in public services, i.e. courts, hospitals, immigration offices and the police. Dragoman provides consecutive interpreters in over 80 languages although our main expertise is in Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Farsi and Kurdish.

For large multilingual events, simultaneous interpreting is usually a shorter choice because the audience does not have to wait for the speaker to pause and allow the interpreter deliver the message in the target language. Choose simultaneous interpreting for conferences and you won’t regret.

Choose consecutive interpreting for small and short meetings, face-to-face business deals or public services.

Interpreting equipment


Do you need interpreting booth, microphones, headsets, sound system, speakers, powerpoint projector, presentation equipment or computer devices for your event?

Thanks to our 20+ years experience in conferences we know some of the best equipment providers in Turkey, Europe and the US. We have tested all our partners in live events for hundreds if not thousands of times.

Contact us for a free consultation on your conference equipment needs. Be it for only a few dozens of delegates or for hundreds in 10+ languages, Dragoman team will make sure that your event runs smoothly while you get the best value for your budget.

Mobile equipment


There are two types of mobile interpreting equipment: interpreter grade and tour-guide grade. Tour guide equipment consists of a set of handheld devices serving either as transmitters or receivers. It is good for factory & site visits, roadshows, consecutive interpreting in noisy areas or for whisper interpreting to a group of listeners rather than only one.

The main difference pf Interpreter grade equipment is trans-receiving capability. That is, the interpreter transmitters also function as receivers of the floor. This allows the interpreters to achieve a much better hearing experience compared to tour guide systems.

Interpreter grade equipment also have easy-to-switch multiple channels and relay capabilities (interpreting in multiple languages from a pivot language).

Public interpreting


Hospitals, courts, immigration offices and the police. Nobody wants to be there and nobody wants to be there without understanding the language spoken. Dragoman makes sure that public services are delivered flawlessly, i.e. proper medical care is offered in a healthcare institution or justice is served at the court.

Our interpreters are experienced professionals and are very good in managing stressful circumstances. We offer both on-site and also remote interpreting in dozens of language combinations* at public and private institutions.

Please consult Dragoman office to select the best service type for your needs.

* Arabic, Romanian, Albanian, Sorani, Farsi, Bosnian are some of the most common languages we are serving in Turkey. Our full list includes over 80 languages and we recommend that you contact our office for advance booking.

Roadshow interpreting


When hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, last thing you want is language barrier. Selling your company shares, raising funds or entering into an M&A transaction require excellence and precision in communication.

Dragoman has served at some of the largest IPO deals and M&A transactions in Turkey. Please contact us for references and further guidance.

Arbitration interpreting


When things go sour with your business or investment partners, and peaceful resolution of disputes is at stake, international arbitration comes into play. Only the finest interpreters can handle delicate discussions during arbitration hearings.

Trust Dragoman’s hand-picked professionals for we will guarantee confidentiality and perfection.

Remote Interpreting


Remote interpreting is a must to have in this ever globalising world. There are tens of millions of refugees who need language assistance in 20+ languages on an adhoc basis. There are over 100 language combinations offered to patients at thousands of clinics worldwide.

Remote interpreting is available both as a simultaneous interpreting experience or in consecutive mode. Our team is trained and experienced in multiple platforms.


Phone Interpreting

Phone interpreting (ORI) is a life-saver and a game-changer. Thousands of language assistants are performing over the phone interpreting in 200+ language combinations globally.

You may use phone interpreting for just personal needs, i.e. to ask directions or get a proper hair-cut done; and also for professional cases where you need a trusted linguists to flawlessly translate your message.

We are offering 24/7 remote interpreting at competitive rates.


Remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) apps are magical tools transforming any room or site into a multi-lingual conference. All you need is to download the app.

Shall we just dump our conventional equipment; booths and receivers? Of course not! Remote simultaneous interpreting connects to your existence equipment and opens new revenue streams. Here are typical case scenarios : a) interpreters work remotely + technicians connect laptops to each booth, audience listen with their headsets; b) Interpreter is on-site and there are less than 20 delegates. You do not need any equipment, just download interpreter apps; c) both interpreters and equipment are remote, the interpreter app acts as a point of communication.

Contact us for free consultancy and trial.

Video Interpreting


Video interpreting (VRI) has recently become more popular with advances in broadband internet connectivity. Why not, it feels much more natural when you can put a face to a name and see the person interpreting for you.

Video interpreting is also key to ensure that the interpreter is alone in an isolated room.

Please bear in mind that video remote interpreting is typically charged at slightly higher figures, compare to phone interpreting.

Contact us for free consultancy and trial.

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