Converting Passive to Active – Translating Audit Reports into English

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Auditors are tasked to identify non-conformances and share their findings and observations in a clear and understandble report. Writing an impactful report is a challenge. Translating a poorly written report into English is sometimes a bigger challenge. Converting passive sentence forms to active sentences is an important skill for Turkish to English translators. This skill plays a critical role when translating audit reports. Despite my best efforts to train as many auditors and bankers as possible in the past decade, […]

Tips for Turkish to English Transcreation

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Transcreation is a hot topic and there are different translations of it. Some assume it is only for creative content, while some use this term as a synonym to localization. Others claim that translation is more verbatim, literal and closer to the source text as oppose to transcreation focuses more on the message, meaning and the audience. Old schools argue that all of the above are 50 shades of translation and by definition a good translator is expected to manage […]

Order in a Sentence

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Dragoman translators prefer ordering elements of series in a sentence from short to long in order to make them easier to read. McKinsey has offices in 120+ cities in 60+ countries including the Czech Republic, Greece, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Better:   McKinsey has offices in 120+ cities in 60+ countries including Qatar, Greece, the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates. Goldman Sachs offers services in investment management, securities, asset management, prime brokerage, and securities underwriting. Better:   Goldman Sachs […]

How to localize corporate videos

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Some researchers suggest that in the next few years video will become the leading format for content marketing. Is your corporate communication strategy ready to adapt? Subtitling is huge business but not every subtitler is corporate grade. There are thousands of fans doing free work or others working for large film studios or OTT providers to localize TV shows. Here are a few suggestions for marcom professionals based on our experience in corporate communication: 1. Work with a transcreation team […]

Using However Correctly

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We must always insert a semi-colon before and a comma after however to connect two independent clauses. Incorrect:    Japan was an expanding giant however it could not generate enough capital to support its rapid industrial development. Correct:       Japan was an expanding giant; however, it could not generate enough capital to support its rapid industrial development. Using however instead of ‘but’ or in the meaning of ‘no matter how’ or ‘not matter how’ may or may not require a comma. You can […]

Dealing with quotations – Editor Notes

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Notes from the Editor – December 2015 How to deal with quotations When the text you are translating into English contains a quotation, and it is from a world-renowned figure, a well-known book, an article in an international newspaper or magazine, and so on, then you will likely find the original quotation in English. It’s that simple. You should translate the quote if, and only if, you are unable to find the quote in English. This principle applies to all […]

What is the difference of Gold Translation?

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Dragoman Gold refers to translation + editing + proofreading as specified in international translation quality standards. But so does Dragoman Plus. So what is the difference of Gold and Plus? And also what exactly is Dragoman Standard? The biggest difference of Gold Translation Level is full review; Standard or Plus does not include full copy-editor review. Standard translation includes translation + full QA and industry-specific terminology management. Dragoman’s QA is not only automated QA but also a mechanical review or […]

Black Coffee – Sade Kahve

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Does “sade kahve” mean “black coffee“? Rarely! It’s common usage is for Turkish coffee and “sade” means “no sugar“. However, if a Starbucks barista asks “How do you like your coffee?” in Turkish and the answer is “sade“, then it means “black“. I saw “plain coffee” and “just coffee” in some restaurant menus. “Sade” also means “plain” and “just” (only). What to do – and this is primarily for my fellow copy-editors – I just want to remind you guys the importance […]

Plus Translation – What does it mean at Dragoman?

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As many of you already know by now, “Translation quality is not an absolute!” It depends on the client’s requirements, job type, intended audience, and above all the content itself. To manage quality expectations, Dragoman offers several service levels addressing unique needs of our customers. We require our translators to understand these service levels and adjust their skills & output accordingly. Dragoman project managers recommend Plus Translation for non-sensitive public documents where clarity and fluency is more important and a […]

Standard Translation – What does it mean for Dragoman?

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Dragoman offers three service levels in translation: Standard, Plus and Gold. We advertise these three levels. Is it just a marketing gimmick or a value-addedproposal? When pronounced together, one easily feels that standard is good, plus is better and gold is super. But what is exactly included in a standard service? Can you and should you buy this service for all your needs? Of course not. Let’s start with GOLD If you have a creative website or brochure, or you need to submit […]