Benefits of secure cloud for corporate localization

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Internet users have been in the cloud for a very long time; Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram are all cloud based services. Cloud is easy, instant and collaborative, and if professionals measures are taken it is very secure. We use and resell NUBUTO secure cloud technologies for corporate localization needs. Among others, here are the key reasons for using secure cloud solutions of Nubuto: Two-factor authentication Versioning Finger print authentication IP & computer locks SSL Automated archiving […]

My take on the ATC London 2016

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It is always a pleasure to join ATC Conferences and 2016’s event was no exception. Geoffrey, Jesper, Levent and the entire council did a marvellous job. This article was originally published on Linkedin two years ago and I wanted to add it to our blog page to give extra publicity to the ATC. QEII Conference Center was a very good choice; easy to commute, modern, fresh and comfortable; all perfect to celebrate 40th anniversary of the Association of Translation Companies. […]

How to localize corporate videos

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Some researchers suggest that in the next few years video will become the leading format for content marketing. Is your corporate communication strategy ready to adapt? Subtitling is huge business but not every subtitler is corporate grade. There are thousands of fans doing free work or others working for large film studios or OTT providers to localize TV shows. Here are a few suggestions for marcom professionals based on our experience in corporate communication: 1. Work with a transcreation team […]

What is the difference of Gold Translation?

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Dragoman Gold refers to translation + editing + proofreading as specified in international translation quality standards. But so does Dragoman Plus. So what is the difference of Gold and Plus? And also what exactly is Dragoman Standard? The biggest difference of Gold Translation Level is full review; Standard or Plus does not include full copy-editor review. Standard translation includes translation + full QA and industry-specific terminology management. Dragoman’s QA is not only automated QA but also a mechanical review or […]

Figures in Legal Agreements – Dragoman Style

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1. Spell out figures followed by the numerals in parentheses. 2. Do not round off the figures when writing the numerals.     Examples:     five thousand six hundred dollars ($5,600)     ten million five hundred forty-five thousand six hundred fifty Turkish lira (10,545,650 TL)     twenty million nine hundred thousand two hundred fifty-two dollars ($20,900,252)     thirty (30) days, two (2) weeks, five and nine tenths percent (5.9%) Changing the format of numbers is very important to properly localize the […]

Administrative Divisions – Editor Notes

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Notes from the Editor – November 2015 Get the names of administrative divisions right Names of administrative divisions change from country to country. When you are translating or editing a text that contains names of administrative divisions, you have to make sure you are using the correct terminology. The key to using correct terms is doing research. County, for example, is an administrative division. defines county as, – the largest administrative division of a U.S. state. – one of […]

Get the job titles right – Editor Notes

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Notes from the Editor – June 2015 Get the job titles right Forget about translating job titles or using online dictionaries for that purpose! The ideal way to find a person’s professional title is to check the website of the company they are working at. We need to look for other reliable sources only when the company website is not comprehensive enough or when there is no English version of it. One of these reliable sources is LinkedIn. If you […]

“That” or “Which”?

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Do you know when to use ‘that’ or ‘which’? Also known as restrictive and non-restrictive clauses. Many people aren’t even aware of the differences, but there are. Use ‘that’ with restrictive clauses and ‘which’ with non-restrictive. Take a look at this example: Wood that is strong generally makes a good material to build furniture. (Restrictive) The use of “that” restricts the sentence to the kind of wood you’re discussing. In this case, it’s only strong wood. Wood, which is strong, generally makes a good […]

Sentence Splitting Part 1

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One of the most common issues we deal with when editing texts translated from Turkish is overly long sentences. The trait is often carried over from the source text, as Turkish texts tend to use what are – to native English speakers – improbably long sentences. Long sentences make it difficult for the reader to comprehend the text. Breaking up a sentence can make text easier to digest and less tiring for the reader. When should a sentence be split? […]