The eight most confusing words in English

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The 8 Most Confusing Words in English (User page) In each section there will be two sentences. For the 1st sentence there are 2 options which will you will hear and NOT see. Choose the correct sentence, A or B.   In the 2nd sentence there are 2 options which you will hear and NOT see. Choose the incorrect sentence, A or B.   Then you will see the written sentence. Choose which word is incorrect and correct it. The […]

Benefits of secure cloud for corporate localization

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Internet users have been in the cloud for a very long time; Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram are all cloud based services. Cloud is easy, instant and collaborative, and if professionals measures are taken it is very secure. We use and resell NUBUTO secure cloud technologies for corporate localization needs. Among others, here are the key reasons for using secure cloud solutions of Nubuto: Two-factor authentication Versioning Finger print authentication IP & computer locks SSL Automated archiving […]

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting – Not a taboo anymore

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Remote simultaneous interpreting is not a sci-fi anymore. New solutions are being used in global corporate events on a daily basis. Although there is still room for improvement, it is there, and it works all fine. This article summarizes my personal experience. I am open to comments and questions from fellow interpreters and also event organizers. I started conference interpreting in 1999 and even back then, there were romours about super tech gadgets which would enable interpreters work remotely. I […]

What is Translation Room all about?

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[avatar user=”Umitadmin” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” link=”file” /] TRANSLATION ROOM HIGLIGHTS & BENEFITS Translation Room is an online translation portal accesible at It is powered by an award winning CAT tool (XTM – Cloud). Our aim is to partner with freelancers and LSP’s from all around the world to build a trusted, transparent and collaborative job market and production cyber workspace. How much will you pay? Basic mambership is free. That means you will be listed as a customer or partner of Translation Room […]

Integration: A Curious Creature

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Integration is now almost an elusive term embracing the whole issue of interoperability among softwares. Switching into a new system is a turning point in the life circle of an LSP, and it is very much required. Each product comes with certain promises varying from timesaving to cost-saving, and indeed they are quite successful. But it is only natural that each product has certain limitations as it specializes in certain features and may lack others. A growing LSP inevitably ends […]

A structural approach to translation quality

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When I first started translating as a Turkish to English translator, my quality criteria was to understand the document, find the right terminology and send the translation on time. Seriously, it was a huge effort on my side to understand the text. I don’t know how many nights passed with little if any sleep to meet the next urgent job’s deadline. Judging by the posts of junior translators on Facebook, I think young colleagues are going through a similar path. […]