Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting is a must to have in this ever globalising world. There are tens of millions of refugees who need language assistance in 20+ languages on an adhoc basis. There are over 100 language combinations offered to patients at thousands of clinics worldwide.

Remote interpreting is available both as a simultaneous interpreting experience or in consecutive mode. Our team is trained and experienced in multiple platforms.

Phone Interpreting

Phone interpreting (ORI) is a life-saver and a game-changer. Thousands of language assistants are performing over the phone interpreting in 200+ language combinations globally.

You may use phone interpreting for just personal needs, i.e. to ask directions or get a proper hair-cut done; and also for professional cases where you need a trusted linguists to flawlessly translate your message.

We are offering 24/7 remote interpreting at competitive rates.

Remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) apps are magical tools transforming any room or site into a multi-lingual conference. All you need is to download the app.

Shall we just dump our conventional equipment; booths and receivers? Of course not! Remote simultaneous interpreting connects to your existence equipment and opens new revenue streams. Here are typical case scenarios : a) interpreters work remotely + technicians connect laptops to each booth, audience listen with their headsets; b) Interpreter is on-site and there are less than 20 delegates. You do not need any equipment, just download interpreter apps; c) both interpreters and equipment are remote, the interpreter app acts as a point of communication.