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Gözde Gökdağöz

Corporate Sales Consultant

I am Dragoman’s corporate sales person with a focus on interpreting. Ask me about our services and I will guide you through them. When do you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting? Do you need remote or video interpreting? Contact me to discuss the best interpreter team, mode and equipment for your multilingual events.


Ümit Özaydın


20+ years industry experience as a translator, copy-editor and conference interpreter. Innovative, engaging and inspiring business leader. I act as a pathfinder and a facilitator in my companies. I am an idea person, and most of the mare very good (really). My motto is customer amazement, and I manage my team to produce an amazing customer experience.


Desire Cannon

Junior PM, Translation

I studied translation & interpreting at the Yasar University. I did a double major in law in addition to a minor in physcology. I am fluent in English, French and Turkish. As a junior project manager, I am responsible for agile project management and continuous workflow. I handle translation, transcreation and subtitling tasks in multiple languages.


Ceren Sönmez

Senior PM, Translation

I studied philosophy and now doing my masters.. As a senior project manager I manage multiple requests on a daily basis ranging from quick turnaround, a CEO level service for an executive manager to a multilingual, one million word localization project. I also manage several key accounts.


Gülbeyaz Akdemir

Corporate Sales Manager

I am handling multiple accounts and managing my sales & marketing team. My responsibilities include contract management, service level agreements and multilingual localization consultancy. Or in other words, I make sure that you get a value-for-money deal with Dragoman, whilst brightening your corporate communications. Tell me what you need; translation, transcreation, website localization or video subtitling?


Emine Meral

Senior Accountant

I manage Dragoman’s financials and day to day accounting. In addition to handling all receivables and payables, I prepare regular dashboard reports for company management and comparative analysis for sales & marketing. I am the right person to contact for all money related matters.


Zeynep Hıdır

Translator & QA

I am Dragoman’s inhouse linguist within the office hours. Be it a short and quick piece, or a last minute review, or an indepth QA, I am the person to handle them all. My focus is mostly technical and medical content. I am also leading Dragoman’s multilingual hospital glossary & guidelines project.


Elif Özaydın

Vendor Manager

I have two main roles. The first one is pretty structured; payroll management, which I handle together with our chartered accountant’s office, i.e. salaries, vacations, bonuses and benefits. My second role however is a thrilling one; keeping Dragoman’s linguist pool updated. Considering 80+ languages and 20+ different modes or capacities we are expecting from our vendors, vendor management at Dragoman is a true challenge.


Serhat Atalay

Technology Support & Training

I am the tech-savvy linguist in the office with several hats on my head. I respond to help requests from our tool users; I prepare social media posts to introduce new features and releases; and train our vendors to help them use our systems more efficiently. My two main focuses are Nubuto and Zoo Digital platforms.


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Are you passionate to always deliver the best translation? Do you know transcreation? Are you familiar with subtitling tools and specifications? Have you worked with style guides before? Do you have min 2 – 5 years translation, transcreation, subtitling, copy-editing or conference interpreting experience?

Do you have an error eye?
Can you handle multiple domains, i.e. medicine, finance, law, international relations, telecom or energy?
Will you be willing to work in a cloud based environment?

Note: We advertise non-language related positions separately. Stay tuned on our pages for project management, vendor management, accounting, social media relations and other jobs.

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Apply for an internship

Studying translation or interpreting and want to sharpen your skills with a summer internship? Please fill in the form and our human resources will get back to you. Every year we have a different focus for interns; it may be project management, Post editing machine translation, web localization or social media management. All interns receive Dragoman orientation on translation quality levels and core translation skills. Content varies according to language level and skills set of attendees. Interns are selected based on their GPA, references and Dragoman screening tests.

We also welcome international internship via Erasmus and other programmes.

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