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Machine Translation

Machine translation is not an automated process and will not deliver business grade translation. However, it is very practical for large volume content if you only need a convenient translation. We can give you readable and understandable “edited” machine translation up to 10 times faster compared to regular human translation. News, articles, user comments and blogs are best suited for this type of service.

Machine translation may also help you optimize your translation budget and schedule for technical manuals.

Our infrastructure supports statistical, adaptive and neural engines. We can also assist you in customizing your own engine.

Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare your company to machine translation processes.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is our core competence, because we were founded in 2005 as an interpreting office. Written translation, business language school and technology divisions were all added in later years.

Dragoman manages up to 2000 interpreter requests every year. Most of of them are onsite but our online interpreting services are growing exponentially.

Turkish – English interpreting is always a good majority of our simultaneous interpreting portfolio, followed by Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French, German and dozens of other languages.

We also provide consecutive interpreters, whisper interpreting or liaison interpreting services. You may also want to source interpreting equipment with us to get a package deal and save on your budget.

We have vetted local resources in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Nicosia, London, Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Madrid and many other major cities around the globe.

Need an interpreter in Turkey or elsewhere around the globe? Looking for a robust remote interpreting provider? Just drop us a line!

Video Subtitling & Dubbing

Dragoman provides video subtitling services to major broadcasters, corporate communication departments and media & PR agencies. Turkish subtitling market is rapidly growing mainly because of Netflix effect. Many OTT players are keen into entering Turkish media market. And also, Turkish TV shows are becoming very popular not only in the Middle East and the Balkans, but also in Latin Amerika and even in India.

Dragoman delivers top quality subtitling services in many languages including Turkish, English, Spanish, French, German, Farsi, Arabic and Russian.

We also provide close captioning or SDH for people with hard of hearing.

Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting is a must to have in this ever globalising world. There are tens of millions of refugees who need language assistance in 80+ languages on an adhoc basis. Why not try our Simultele app today? We offer both oncall and scheduled interpreting services for hospitals, police forces, courts and immigrations offices.

Remote interpreting is available both as a simultaneous interpreting experience or in consecutive mode. For simultaneous and high level consecutive please schedule on advance.

Our team is trained and experienced in multiple platforms. Contact us today to schedule a demo with some of our favorite tools.

Interpreting Equipment

Do you need interpreting booth, microphones, headsets, sound system, speakers, powerpoint projector, presentation equipment or computer devices for your event?

Thanks to our 20+ years experience in conferences we know some of the best equipment providers in Turkey, Europe and the US. We have tested all our partners in live events for hundreds if not thousands of times.

We also provide mobile equipment for roadshows, meetings on the go or site visits. Our portable devices are light weight and very easy to use.

Contact us for a free consultation on your conference equipment needs. Be it for only a few dozens of delegates or for hundreds in 10+ languages, Dragoman team will make sure that your event runs smoothly while you get the best value for your budget.

Multilingual Localization

If you are only translating into English, your marketing efforts are wasted for 80% of the world population. Researches suggest that people feel more comfortable to buy when they read information in their native language. Do you really want to become a global brand and easily sell your products and services? Contact Dragoman today and let us guide you in building multilingual content, design, images, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management.

Turkey boasts highly qualified linguists in 50+ languages. This is mainly because our country is conveniently located between the West and the East and also because we receive massive flocks of immigrants. Our Human Resources hand-picks the best talents locally so that we can offer you languages of the world within an affordable budget and by a manageable team. We also hire copy editors and subject matter experts in many regions to enhance the natural taste and flow of translations.

What do you need

Dragoman Mobile Apps


Nubuto is a super smart app to manage your translation projects, send us new jobs, monitor progress and give us feedback. Offers customized reports and real-time access.


Simultele is backed with 500+ live interpreters in 80+ languages. Use it to connect to a live interpreter and pay for minute. Our interpreters are experienced and certified. Ideal for public services in hospitals, jails, police stations, courts and immigration offices. Learn more at simultele.dragoman.ist


Interprefy is a simultaneous interpreting app designed by a Zurich based brilliant startup. Interpreters and speakers work on a computer via a web interface, audiences uses the mobile app to listen. Interprefy smoohtly integrates with major interpreting equipment, i.e. Bosch and Sennheiser.

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About us

Dragoman is a 21st century translation agency. We are committed to eliminate language barriers with our mobile apps, cloud-based platforms and API driven services. The short video on the right about our portal Translationroom.com is just example. Do watch it and even more, use it.

Joining our team is a tiring yet rewarding path for becoming and remaining among the very best linguists in the world.

Hiring us for video localization, on-site or remote interpreting or a mission-critical corporate communication task guarantees satisfaction, perfection and superior language quality.

We are very good team and would love to grow with you.

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